Rock-Fusion-Jazz from Switzerland

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Our new album is on it's way and will arrive at the end of March 2017. Stay tuned!

We had the honor to record it during our one week stay at The Maison des Artistes in Chamonix. We just mixed it at Benoit Piccand's studio in Biel (facebook video) : sounds terrific !!!

Our last gigs were be in Neuchâtel and Vilnius for the Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival. Check our “contact and tour dates” section for more infos.

Triosom is our first album released in 2009. Our new album is on its way and should arrive at the beginning of 2017.

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Live at the Musigbistrot Monbijou in Bern

Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Live at the Cully Jazz Festival

Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

Matt Cibula - Cave 17

Very enjoyable, grows on me every new listen like a fungus, might be some kind of genius hiding there in Switzerland.